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kids at halloween
As we swiftly approach the spookiest holiday of the year, we are reminded that there is about to be an onslaught of sugar about to hit your healthy smile. Yes, Halloween is one holiday that is not only about scary monsters, but lots and lots of sweets. In order to protect our smiles, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene while we celebrate with all of your little ghosts and goblins. When it comes to eating candy, not all are created equal. Do your best to avoid sour candies, the acidity really damages tooth enamel. Candies that are sticky are also not the best choices, especially if you have dental appliances like braces or dentures. The best options will always be the chocolate ones – not only is dark chocolate good for you, but chocolate melts easily and doesn’t stick to your teeth as much as chewy candies. After you celebrate the season with some scrumptious sweets, take the time to look after your smile. If you don’t have a toothbrush handy, be sure to rinse the excess of sugar left on your teeth off with a bit of water. If you do have one, give your teeth a quick brushing. Leaving sugar to sit on your teeth for long periods of time will likely cause damage to your smile over time. Having good oral hygiene habits will keep your smile healthy and bright, making your dental appointments a breeze. Halloween is a great time of year and should be celebrated to the fullest. Just make sure you do everything in moderation and practice healthy dental habits.

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