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Why would you really require services of professional Teeth Whitening Ottawa?

ottawa teeth whitening

As one continues to age, their smiles naturally become more susceptible to stains and discoloration. We, at Urban Dental Centre can help you with highly efficient professional Teeth Whitening in Ottawa.

You definitely prefer to have white teeth, and obviously, nice smiles are more attractive, no matter what your age might be. Yellow teeth lowers your self-esteem to a great extent, but at the same time, it often becomes difficult to stay away from the numerous habits which leads to stains and discoloration of your teeth.

In addition to age, there are several other factors which lead to discoloration and staining of the human teeth. Consuming beverages like tea and coffee, as well as antibiotics, genetical factors or different forms of diseases, trauma, insufficient oral hygiene, nerve degeneration, tobacco intake, and many others. It’s quite hard to remove these intrinsic stains by yourself. Once you opt for the Teeth Whitening Ottawa, our dentist mainly makes use of custom made bleaching trays which are more effective and suitable for treating them.

The Teeth Whitening Procedure:

The entire process of Teeth Whitening Ottawa involves several steps:

  • In order to create the custom made trays, a mold of your teeth is taken and thus ensure that the whitening product reaches everywhere around your teeth.
  • On successful creation of the custom fit molding, you can pick it up at our dental clinic alongside with a professional whitening solution. We also provide detailed application instructions.
  • You will notice an incredible difference and thus a beautiful snow white smile within just 10 to 14 days of at home treatments.

Benefits of White Teeth:-

Have your favorite drinks and foods affected the shade and appearance of your teeth? With our treatments of Teeth Whitening Ottawa, you can definitely boost your confidence and self-image. Nowadays, it has become almost impossible to imagine life without tea, coffee, soda, red wine, sweets as well as dark fruits and if you are a regular smoker or chew tobacco, your teeth will reflect this as it begins to stain with time. With Teeth Whitening Ottawa, you can enjoy the following benefits:-

  • Improved Self Esteem and Confidence
  • Enhanced Appearance
  • Better Oral Health
  • Ensure Long Lasting Results

Once you partner with us, the UrbanDentalCentre, you can safely, quickly and efficiently brighten your smile several shades in absolutely no time. Free feel to contact us today and book an appointment and give yourself a reason to smile more.


1. What is the estimated duration of teeth whitening in Ottawa?

The process will be done by the highly skilled dentists at Urban Dental Clinic. The results should persist for around a year, considering their level of experience.

2. Can teeth whitening go too far?

Bleaching your teeth too much can cause bleachorexia, which is why it's never a good idea. To learn when to quit, you can schedule appointments on a regular basis.

3. What is the time duration of teeth whitening in Ottawa clinics?

It generally depends on the condition of your teeth. Most of the time, our dentists take thirty to sixty minutes to complete the process.

4. Can the process hurt me in any way?

Negative. Yet, the bleaching solution may cause a minor tingling sensation in people with sensitive teeth and gums.

5. Which teeth are not suitable for teeth whitening?

People who have a lot of crowns, fillings, or dental bondings are not considered ideal candidates. Teeth whitening in them can lead to uneven appearances.

6. Is teeth whitening in Ottawa an expensive treatment?

Not necessarily. The cost depends on the severity of discoloration and the type of treatment. Urban Dental Center will provide you with a transparent quote.