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Executing a correct and on-time diagnosis is extremely important when it comes to dental issues and ailments, and Urban Dental Centre provides a comprehensive solution to everything dental. If you want to get your perfect smile back, fix a dental appointment with us. All you need to do is fill up the form given below with the issues that you are encountering, and how we can contact you. Our expert team of dentists and professionals would get in touch with you to learn about your problem in detail on a war footing, and fix a dental appointment for you according to your convenience.

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1. What does a clinic do to manage dental appointments?

To handle rush hours, professionals at clinics organize their daily schedules effectively. They maximize the team's time so as to attend to clients without causing any delay.

2. What goes into a routine dental appointment?

From removing plaque buildup to checking for any infection, the dentist performs an overall checkup of your mouth. Dental appointments at regular intervals are necessary for good oral health.

3. Can a dental appointment be rescheduled?

Absolutely. We understand that you might have something important come up and thus give you the flexibility to fix your appointment a few days later at your convenience.

4. Do I need to worry about charges for cancelled dental appointments?

No. Urban Dental Center has no hidden fees in its programme. You can reschedule worry-free without fretting about any payment.

5. How many teeth can the dentist fill in one appointment?

There is no limited number. But it is always advisable to split your filling in two to three appointments so as to ensure better setting.

6. Can I find a cure to my tooth decay in a single appointment?

Yes. Dentists have the ability to extract more than one tooth in a sitting. This is immensely helpful for people with gum disease or decay.