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What is a Dental Implant?

ottawa dental implants

A type of dental treatment which is intended to replace a significantly damaged natural tooth with a replacement tooth is what one means by implants. It’s basically an invasive process which replaces the root of the teeth with screw like titanium posts, and then places the replacement teeth which looks as well as functions completely natural. If you are looking for an alternative to denture, partial denture or dental bridge have a talk with our Ottawa Denture Implant Centre for this surgery which allows chewing for all types of food.

You should replace the missing teeth as soon as possible so that the surrounding teeth do not shift in that gap. Because, that can lead to further tooth loss and also cause a number of other oral health issues. With our Dental Implants in Ottawa you have an excellent permanent solution to replace the missing tooth with an artificial one. Just get an estimate of the approximate Cost of Tooth Implant Ottawa before opting for the process.

Step by Step Procedure of Dental Implants in Ottawa:

The entire oral surgery is performed in several stages, with some recovery time in between the stages:-

  • Extraction of the damaged tooth.
  • If required Bone Grafting(Jawbone Preparation)
  • A metal post is placed which functions as an artificial tooth root.
  • Then a gap of a few months is given which serves as the healing time for soft tissues around bone growth and dental implant.
  • Often, an additional surgery is carried out in order to place a special attachment called Abutment.
  • Placement of the artificial tooth.

Our Ottawa Dental Implant Centre is just gold standard for replacing the missing teeth or a single tooth as with this implant surgery you can not only improve the function of the teeth and the gums but also enjoy long term health benefits. In order to replace your missing teeth, several different ways can be employed by our dentists which mainly depends on the type of implant procedure that would be required specifically for your teeth.

How long will Dental Implant in Ottawa On last?

When you visit our Ottawa Dental Implant Centre, and undergo the surgery, it’s definitely going to consume a lot of your savings as the Cost of Tooth Implant Ottawa is not that cheap. Then, the general question arises as to how long the Dental Implant will last. Although the longevity of dental implants depends on a number of factors like the patient’s lifestyle and routine dental hygiene but with our advanced computerized planning technology, failure of implants are very rare. ‘

But, with regular dentist’s appointments and examinations, and also with proper oral hygiene and maintenance, you can surely enjoy your beautiful smile for many years to come.

Teeth-in-a-Day and All-on-4® Dental Implants

The All-on-4® treatment concept is a state-of-the-art innovative procedure that provides patients permanent attached (fixed) teeth utilizing as few as four dental implants. We offer you new teeth in as little as one day by using the All-on-4® treatment concept for those that are about to lose or have lost all their upper and/or lower teeth.

ottawa teeth whitening
  • Benefits of Permanent Teeth in 1 Day
  • New teeth in as little as just one day
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • No more ill-fitting dentures
  • Eliminates denture adhesives
  • Teeth are secure like your natural teeth
  • Cost effective compared to traditional implants
  • Life changing procedure

Multiple Teeth Options

If all upper or lower teeth are missing, multiple dental implants may be used to support a denture. Due to bone loss, traditional dentures may become loose and unstable over time. Dental implant supported dentures maintain bone so dentures remain stable in your mouth.

ottawa teeth whitening

Implant Supported Dentures

  • Full chewing ability
  • Allows for a complete and healthy diet
  • Remains stable in your mouth

ottawa teeth whitening

Traditional Dentures

  • Loss of chewing ability
  • Difficult to maintain a healthy diet
  • Loose and unstable over time
  • May lead to bone loss

Individual Tooth Options

Individual missing teeth can be replaced by dental implants without altering your healthy adjacent teeth. Once dental implants are placed, posts (or abutments) are attached, providing support for your final crowns.

ottawa teeth whitening

Dental Implants with a Crown

  • Attractive smile
  • Full chewing ability
  • Preserve healthy teeth and jawbone
  • Maintains bone

ottawa teeth whitening

Traditional Crown & Bridge

  • Attractive smile
  • Grinds down healthy teeth
  • May lead to bone loss under bridge
  • Greater risk for cavities and tooth failure

ottawa teeth whitening

Untreated Missing Teeth

  • Unattractive smile
  • Loss of chewing ability
  • May lead to bone loss


1. Is there a chance for me to face limitations when getting dental implants in Ottawa on?

There can be a possibility that your bone refuses to accept the implant. But worry not, as our dentists are skilled enough to know what needs to be done right away.

2. Do I need to follow aftercare?

Yes. Dentists recommend a liquid diet for at least a day after the surgery. Also, avoid workouts and apply ice on the swollen area from time to time.

3. Can dental implants break?

Usually, no. The surgical titanium is extremely strong and durable. But if positioned incorrectly, it might break. The cost of tooth implant in Ottawa falls within budget so that you can replace it without wasting any time.

4. Should I expect intense pain during the procedure?

Not at all. You might feel a slight discomfort or soreness in the teeth. For your complete comfort, our dentists provide the highest level of care and precision during the process of dental implants in Ottawa.

5. What is the duration of the healing process for the incision?

In just about two weeks, the cut dissolves and leaves no trace. However, it might be possible that your bones will need much more time to mend.

6. Will I look natural with the implants?

Leave it up to our experienced dentists at the Ottawa denture implant center to match the artificial implant with the color and shape of your natural teeth. It will certainly give you a new and radiant smile!

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