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Root Canal Treatment Ottawa: An overview

Root Canal treatment is the process of eliminating bacteria from the centre part of a tooth known as the pulp which is the juncture of nerves, blood vessels, and living connective tissues. Often people facing severe toothache and inflammation need a root canal consultation to get rid of the abscessed tooth by cleaning the infection within the root canal following a medical procedure.

Symptoms that indicate the need for a root canal treatment

One might have to visit an Endodontist Ottawa when they feel a sudden pain or sensation in the teeth due to infected or injured pulp. The upper solid covering, also known as the crown remains intact even if the pulp inside is completely damaged. Therefore, the teeth structure can be protected by undergoing a root canal treatment Ottawa.

Since the crown of the tooth often remains unaffected by the infected pulp, some people may not identify that they have an infected tooth. However, common symptoms that indicate the need for a root canal treatment are as follows:

dental root canal therapy dr doumit
  • Constant and severe toothache
  • Sensitivity to heat & cold
  • Swelling in jaws & gums
  • Cracked or chipped tooth
  • Pimple on Gum
  • Discolored tooth

Root Canal Treatment: The process

Root Canal is a simple dental procedure that can ease prolonged toothache and discomfort. The entire treatment process is carried out in 3 stages that may require 2-3 sessions depending on the damaged condition of your teeth. Following discussed are the three stages of the root canal treatment Ottawa:

Cleaning - When you visit our clinic for a root canal Ottawa, the dentist will administer a mild dose of local anesthesia to ensure that you don’t feel pain throughout the procedure. Then the dentist removes everything that is inside the root canal. The removal is done by making a small access hole on the tooth surface from which the infected pulp and tissue can be extracted with tiny files.

Filling - Once the cleaning is completed, the dentist disinfects the hollow space using medicinal disinfectants. Then the tooth is filled with rubber-like material also known as gutta-percha and sealed using a cement-like adhesive. Once this is done, the patient will no longer feel pain or sensations in the tooth as the nerve tissue and infection are completely eliminated.

Crown positioning - The last stage involves positioning the crown on the newly filled tooth to protect it from damage from regular eating and drinking habits. Once the crown of the tooth has been positioned in place, you need not worry about further infections, swellings, or pain.

Visiting an orthodontist in Ottawa can help you restore the healthy structure of your teeth without having to extract them in the future. Timely removal of the infected pulp can reduce the risks of infection spreading to other teeth and damages.

With advanced and updated technology in use, you can expect quality root canal consultation here. Book an appointment for quality dental treatment today!


1. Does the process of root canal in Ottawa affect nerves in the mouth?

The nerve and pulp are generally removed at the time of this procedure. However, you must know that these nerves serve little to no function and, therefore, will not have an impact on your oral health.

2. Is there a possibility for the root canal to fail?

If the bacteria is not properly removed, the purpose of the root canal treatment in Ottawa falters. But you can trust our dentists to carry out the surgery with optimal precision and care so that there are lower chances of failure.

3. How soon will my root canal heal?

The duration of time can range from a few weeks to several months. Urban Dental Center provides you with thorough guidance so that you heal fast and urges you to maintain proper oral hygiene.

4. Is there a possibility for the root canal to hurt even after a year has passed?

If you ensure good oral hygiene, the root canal can last you a lifetime. But if the tooth in question does not heal properly, there can be bouts of pain even after a long time.

5. Can I delay my treatment for a few months?

Absolutely no. Oral infection can turn disastrous if not taken care of immediately. Contact Urban Dental Center for immediate root canal consultation.

6. What do you suggest as the best crown?

Our endodontists in Ottawa recommend porcelain crowns for root-canaled teeth. Ideal as the front teeth, these crowns are made to look completely natural.

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