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Periodontic Maintenance Ottawa

Periodontal maintenance is a process of thorough teeth cleaning to maintain good oral hygiene. Also, periodontal maintenance is important to prevent periodontal diseases, which are popularly known as gum diseases. These gum diseases are bacterial infections that can disturb oral hygiene and affect the bone supporting the teeth and the gums.

If you ever have any of the following symptoms, then you must understand that your teeth and gums need your attention.

  • Bleeding of gums after brushing or flossing
  • Bad breath that is persistent,
  • Gums appear red, tender, and swollen.
  • Loose teeth.
  • Experiencing pain during chewing.

If you have any of the above symptoms, you should visit periodontists. If you want to visit periodontist Ottawa, you can reach out to us.

Why Is Periodontal Maintenance important?

Periodontal treatment is an excellent procedure that can help the oral cavity maintain its good health and prevent the formation of any kind of bacteria. Some common reasons for undergoing the periodontal maintenance service are:

  • Removal of Tar
  • Fresh Breath
  • Identifying Health Issues
  • Aesthetics

What does periodontal maintenance involve?

The Periodontal treatment is carried out in the following stages.

  • Supragingival cleaning: The hygienist cleans the area above the gum lines to get rid of plaque and calculus.
  • Subgingival cleaning: This is the most important step for patients suffering from periodontal diseases. Here, the hygienist removes calculus and bacteria from the gum pockets and underneath the gum line.
  • Root planing: The dentist smoothens the tooth root to eliminate any remaining bacteria. A laser is used to eliminate the bacteria and infect gum tissue.
  • Medication: After scaling and root planing, an antimicrobial or antibiotic cream is inserted into the gum pockets to promote fast recovery. Advanced oral hygiene care is provided to patient using specialized electric tooth brush, medicated tooth paste, oral probiotic, antibacterial oral rinse to promote a healthy gum and oral health.
  • X-ray and examination: Regular X-rays should be done to keep periodontal diseases under control.
  • Regular periodontal maintenance is necessary to monitor and control any potential infections, once you have had gum disease. You are typically scheduled at three to four-month intervals for periodontal maintenance with your hygienist. This will ensure your optimal gum health.

    So, if you want to get a periodontal maintenance service in Ottawa, you can consult our periodontist Ottawa. We are just a call away from you.

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1. When can I expect my periodontal maintenance to start?

Phase III marks the beginning of the maintenance procedure. It is advisable that you come to our clinic every three to four months and get a checkup done by the periodontist in Ottawa.

2. Can I voluntarily halt periodontal maintenance?

If you have a severe problem, you cannot hope to put a stop to good oral care. Urban Dental Center provides professional care and can bring down the risk factor considerably.

3. Do I need to ask the periodontist in Ottawa for anaesthesia?

Normally, periodontal maintenance does not require numbing. Put your faith in our experienced dentists to provide you with a painless treatment.

4. Can I eat normally after the maintenance?

There are no dietary restrictions, and you can eat as tolerated. The periodontist in Ottawa advises patients to intake nutrition and drink a whole of liquids to remain hydrated.

5. Is periodontal maintenance the same as teeth cleaning?

Most people have this misconception. Periodontal maintenance ensures deep cleaning even underneath the gums. All tartar and plaque buildup will be eliminated by the periodontist in Ottawa.

6. Should I fast during the period of the treatment?

Studies have shown that intermittent fasting can resolve gum disease and periodontal inflammation. The prospect of tooth decay is also lessened.