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Invisalign Dentist Ottawa

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Smiling Confidently with Invisalign!

Getting Treatment for Invisalign in Ottawa

There is nothing more attractive than having a bright smile! Do you have crooked or misshapen teeth? Gaps between your teeth? Invisalign is here at your rescue! Urban Dental Centre has a team of experts who can assist you with the procedure. Using digital scans or imprints of your teeth, our Invisalign dentist creates treatment plan involving a series of aligners. Each aligner is worn for one to two weeks before moving on to the next on in the series.

Invisalign can assist with teeth straightening and bite correction, just like traditional braces. Misshapen teeth are guided into new positions owing to the pressure of these aligners. What's more in it? Considering the braces are clear, you can now smile without the embarrassment of showing metal braces all over your teeth.

Working Mechanism of Invisalign

Step 1 - The procedure commences with you getting an appointment at Urban Dental Centre. Our professionals are here to take a look at the condition of your teeth and let you know what needs to be done. In the initial examination, there happens to be a 3D digital scan and photos of the patient's teeth. The dentists then send the scans to Invisalign to fabricate the aligners using 3D technology.

Step 2 - You will receive usage instructions from our Invisalign dentists to make sure that it fits properly. Normally, a set of aligners should ideally be worn for roughly two weeks a piece. Your teeth will gradually move toward the ideal position with each aligner in the series.

Step 3 - You need to come to our clinic for routine check-up appointments during the course of treatment. These consultations provide us with the chance to assess your progress and make any required corrections. Leave it up to our dentists to give you your new aligners whenever needed.

Step 4 - You will typically wear the Invisalign for 20 to 22 hours per day. They can be taken off if you are drinking or eating. You also need to keep the Invisalign off your mouth at the time of brushing and flossing. Maintain proper oral hygiene without fail so as to ensure the treatment is successful.

Conditions Fixed by Invisalign

These clear aligners are suitable for people of all age groups. At Urban Dental Centre, it is an imperative part of restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

  • Tooth spacing and crowding
  • Moderate to mild bite issues
  • Gaps in teeth
  • Extrusions or intrusions

Benefits of Invisalign

Clear aligners are preferred by people of all ages for a number of reasons:

  • Virtually invisible, so no metal brackets in the mouth
  • Ensuring longevity of natural teeth
  • Less bacteria and plaque buildup
  • Balanced bite
  • No chipped or worn-down teeth

Taking Care of Teeth with Invisalign On

You should typically wear your aligner for 22 hours every day. If your Invisalign dentist gives you advice on when to take out and how long to wear your aligner, pay special attention to those steps. Water should be the only beverage you are drinking if you have the aligners on at that time. This is because other liquids may get stuck in the space created by your aligner and your teeth, which could lead to discoloration or deterioration. To guarantee that food particles are not caught in between your teeth, brush and floss after eating and before replacing the aligners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What restrictions are applicable at the time of wearing Invisalign?

Smoking and chewing gum should be avoided when wearing aligners. Additionally, be mindful of any dietary limitations during Invisalign treatment that can cause the aligners to become stained, such as red wine, tea, or coffee.

2. How long should I wear Invisalign for guaranteed results?

This differs from one patient to another. However, our dentists recommend continuing treatment for as long as 12 to 18 months. This is surely going to fetch you the most amazing smile.

3. What teeth are the most difficult to shift with Invisalign?

Generally speaking, the teeth next to your front teeth or your lateral incisors are the hardest to move with aligners. Invisalign trays need to be replaced around every two weeks during treatment in order to accommodate teeth that move.

4. Who are the people not fit to get Invisalign?

Given its limitations, Invisalign may not be the ideal choice for every individual. These consist of having teeth that are extremely crowded, having gum disease that is still active, having a lot of cavities or bad oral hygiene, and not being able to wear the aligners as prescribed.

5. What aspect of Invisalign might cause pain?

Most aligner pain occurs when a patient initially starts using Invisalign and when they swap out their aligner trays. Your teeth are shifting into a new position for the first time, which is why it could hurt. However, have faith in our Invisalign dentist to make the process as comfortable as possible.