What You Need to Know About Frenectomies | Ottawa Dentist

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When we think about dental procedures, we generally think about teeth and gums, but there are a few lesser-known bits that can require necessary dental attention. One of these is the frenulum. Frenulum is a thin connective tissue that connects one surface to another inside the mouth. We have three types – lingual frenulum connects our tongue to the bottom of our mouth, labial frenulum connects attaches the lips to the gums (top and bottom at our front teeth) and buccal frena attaches our gums to the sides of our cheeks. In fact, you can see your frenum if you look in a mirror. Lift your tongue to see your lingual frenulum, pull your upper or lower lip to expose your labial frenulum. That’s your frenulum!

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Teenage Life with a Crooked Smile | Ottawa Dentist


We’ve all been there – puberty is one of the most topsy-turvy times a person can have in their lives. Between the physical changes and the hormones kicking in full throttle, life decides that social relations are also intricate to our development. And for many of us, the hormones are making a mess of that bit. Because teens are very into social media and getting their likes, physical appearance is important to maintain. But if your physical issue is a flawed smile, it can become a self-conscious disaster during these formative years. And unfortunately, traditional braces don’t exactly help on the social scene. Thankfully, there is a solution to your teen’s social discomfort – Invisalign Teen.

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What Is AcceleDent? | Ottawa Dentist

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We would all love to have the best smile we possibly can, so we visit the dentist to help us improve any flaws that may have been created over time. Now, if your treatment options are orthodontic, you are in for a rather long session of braces, whether you get the traditional variety or the invisible options like Invisalign. Of course, it depends on your personal case, but it takes a while for teeth to move and adjust into a proper formation to create the smile you are looking for. At least, it used to take a while… Continue reading “What Is AcceleDent? | Ottawa Dentist”

Tips and Tricks for Wearing Invisalign | Ottawa Dentist

When you are set to receive Invisalign treatment to straighten your teeth, it is an exciting time. Not only will you end up with a gorgeously straight smile, but the aligners are clear so no one will even notice that you’re straightening your teeth. Your lifestyle is going to change while it’s happening – but it isn’t going to turn your world upside down. Here are some tips to keep in mind so the process goes as smooth as possible… Continue reading “Tips and Tricks for Wearing Invisalign | Ottawa Dentist”