Why It’s Critical To Care For Baby Teeth, and How To Do It | Ottowa Dentist

little girl smiling and why it's critical to care for baby teeth and how to do it

“Baby teeth” are the precursor for adult teeth, they are the placeholder and it’s important they be
maintained for gum health and reduction of harmful bacteria. Our children may never
acknowledge the benefits caring for their teeth at that age has on their adult teeth later. Yet,
their health will always be better off from early interventions in proper oral hygiene.

Tooth health matters from the day they appear, so parents who take their children’s oral hygiene
seriously and encourage good habits aid the child’s adult teeth later- even if they don’t know it
yet. Oral hygiene for our children begins the day their first tooth breaks through the gum. With a
damp, soft cloth, lightly wipe your baby’s gums after feeding. Once more prominent, you may
begin using a soft toothbrush and non-fluoride toothpaste twice a day until preschool age. At
that age, the amount of toothpaste that can be safely used increases to the size of a pea.

When your child is at that age and able to brush on his or her own, it’s important to keep an eye
on them. Many children find the process of brushing teeth to be boring or unimportant, but this is
an important age to develop good habits. Singing toothbrushes and flavored toothpaste help
encourage kids to find the process more enjoyable and help guide them towards brushing
their teeth for two minutes. Another great way to encourage your child is to brush with them and
show them how to get to their molars, the back of their teeth, and along the front.

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