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The ability of your dentist and hygienist to understand the position and general health of your teeth and jaws is paramount for your oral health. Having your X-rays taken may not be what you look forward to the most in your day, but here’s what you should know about dental X-rays.

The Basics

There are several types of X-ray images that you can expect to have taken. The bitewing will show how well your teeth align and may also show cavity development. Occlusal X-rays capture all your teeth in a single image and can help detect abnormalities in the anatomy of your mouth or palate. Panoramic images let dentists check your wisdom teeth, jaw, and any implants you may have. Periodical images show the entire tooth from root to crown.

X-rays are generally considered a safe, effective means for dentists to understand your unique oral structure and health. The perceived risk of radiation exposure or physical discomfort of holding the backing may make people uncomfortable, and that’s completely understandable. Thankfully, the physical discomfort passes quickly, and X-rays only release about the same amount of radiation as a day’s worth of sunlight exposure.


While there is no official preparation to receive an x-ray, there are measures dentists take to ensure your safety and theirs. Whoever takes your X-rays will outfit you with a lead vest to protect your internal organs and other essential body parts from radiation exposure. It effectively blocks the radiation from your person without hindering the ability to produce an image.

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