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Braces Ottawa: An overview

invisable braces ottawa

If you have an overcrowded or crooked set of teeth, getting braces Ottawa can be a great option. Braces are specialized dental tools that aid in correcting misaligned, crooked, or crowded teeth structures. Not just appearance, braces help in dealing with the prolonged issues of overbite and underbite teeth. While general dentists can help in treating the basic alignment and other problems, we have Orthodontists who hold specialized knowledge in teeth straightening and adjusting jaw and bite issues.

Types of Braces

Dental braces are made of metal or ceramic wires and bonding material that fixes them to the teeth’ surface. Braces Ottawa is one of the most effective dental treatments that can deliver exceptional results if done properly. The types of braces recommended by our Orthodontists depend on a variety of factors such as your age, present teeth condition, and the degree of overbite/underbite. The most common and popular types of braces include:

  • Metal Braces – These are traditional braces with brackets that are attached to the front of the teeth and fit around the tooth along with flexible or arch wires that hold the brackets together. The metal braces are structured to exert great pressure on the teeth to straighten and align them. In extreme teeth conditions, the doctor might also suggest putting on headgear, a device that adds extra pressure to facilitate teeth straightening.
  • Ceramic Braces – A very popular and preferred type, ceramic braces are made of brackets that are tooth-colored. A variety of materials can be used in making these braces such as stainless steel, gold, and other clear materials.
  • Invisible Braces – Also known as clear aligners, these braces are clear plastic trays that easily fit onto the teeth and gently put pressure to align and fix the overcrowded teeth. These can be removed during eating, brushing, or flossing activities.

Effective benefits of Braces

Braces not only fix the unusual alignment of the teeth but have certain health and appearance benefits. Issues like overbite, underbite, jaw misalignment, etc. do not pose immediate risks but can have severe health damage in the long run. Some effective benefits of braces are as follows:

  • Maintain oral hygiene: Fixing crooked and misaligned teeth ensures healthy gum and tooth conditions. Straight and clear teeth are easy to clean and prevent tooth decay and cavities.
  • Enhance smile: Having a plain and well-aligned set of teeth can enhance your facial features and smile. Most people suffer from low self-esteem and confidence due to unpleasant-looking teeth. Braces can help in getting rid of these appearance issues and flaunt your beautiful smile.
  • Prevent tooth decaying & gum diseases: Crooked or misaligned teeth are more prone to gum diseases and decay. Owing to the uneven structure, it gets difficult to clean and maintain the teeth which can lead to cavities and other gum-related issues. Getting braces can fix the teeth structure thereby making it accessible for regular cleaning and flossing. You can avoid serious dental problems by maintaining oral hygiene.

In order to ensure a healthy dental condition, in the long run, you must address these minor problems such as misalignment, crooked, or overcrowded teeth. If you are willing to deal with these, here you can get specialized consultation on braces Ottawa. Book your appointment today!


1. Are braces painful?

There is indeed a popular belief that braces hurt a lot but this is fake. There can be a lingering feeling of discomfort initially. But wearing these will certainly become more comfortable over time.

2. How to take care of my teeth once the method is done?

Nothing much changes in your dental routine before and after the process. You will have to brush properly following meal time. Moreover, you should also floss them daily.

3. How long will I have to wear the braces after getting them?

This duration differs from person to person. But it varies from somewhere between 8 to 30 months. Make sure you ask our dentist when you get braces in Ottawa.

4. Will I still need a six months dental checkup after getting braces?

Yes. Every six months following the procedure, you must make sure you see your dentist. Keeping your teeth clean will be much easier with this.

5. Will my daily activities get hampered after getting braces in Ottawa?

Absolutely not. You will be able to carry out your regular activities after the process. But please keep in mind that you will have to make a few adjustments for playing instruments and sports.

6. Is there any age limit for braces?

No, there is no age limit for this process. Anyone of any age can get their teeth treated through this process.