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Patient Resources

New Patient Forms

On your first visit, you can expect a warm welcome from our friendly staff. From here, we can set your short- and long-term goals. Together, we will find the treatment plan that best suits you. For your convenience, you can download our patient forms. Simply click on the link below and you will be able to access the form using Adobe Reader. Please fill out the forms and bring them to your appointment. If you need the reader to view, please click here for the free download.

Patient Information

Patient Consent

Information Release

Smile Evaluation

Dental Benefits

It continuously becomes more important for the many people who are fortunate enough to have dental benefits to consider visiting a dentist and getting some needed work done. Most dental plans have a 'benefit year' that ends on December 31. This is significant because these plans have an annual maximum allowance per patient. If these benefits are not used by December 31st, they are NOT carried over to the next year. Therefore, the unused money is ultimately lost.

For this reason, it becomes very important to go see a dentist and try to get some necessary work done before December 31. It makes good financial sense to put these benefits to use before they are gone. It is also important to note that many dental procedures take a few weeks to complete, so the sooner the appointment, the better.

If you haven't done so already, call and make an appointment ASAP.

Other important facts:

  • Dental benefits do not usually cover 100% of your dentistry.
  • Some companies offer 100% coverage based on previous years' fees.
  • Dental benefits are changing rapidly. Get updated information from your insurance company before making an appointment.

Some questions to ask your insurance company:

  • What is the annual maximum allowance per patient?
  • What is the anniversary date of the policy?
  • Dental benefits are paid based on which year's fee guide?
  • How often are recall appointments allowed (e.g. 6 vs. 9 months)?
  • What percentage of coverage is allowed for various procedures?

Direct Insurance Submissions

We can directly contact your insurance provider so you can receive your benefits cheque in the mail faster. If any major work is needed, a pre-determination of the treatment and cost are submitted to your insurance for pre-approval of the treatment.

Financial Arrangements

For your convenience we accept: Visa, MasterCard, Cash, Checks (exisiting patients only), Debit cards and DentalCard.

If at any time you have questions about financing, affordability, payment options, or insurance, please feel free to contact our office with your questions. Our team and office manager will do their best to help you find the right solution for you, so you can receive the important dental treatment you need immediately.

Dental Card was created to provide a simple and affordable way to finance dental treatments or make dental related purchases. Click here to learn more.

  • No down payment
  • No collateral
  • High Approval
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Easy monthly payments
  • and more...

Please contact our office today to learn more about the cosmetic dentistry financing options available to our patients.

Patient Amenities

For your comfort we provide blankets, pillows, headphones and video options at the chair.

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We sincerely hope that you never have a dental emergency, but if you do, we offer 24-hour emergency service for our established patients. If an emergency occurs, please call the office at (613) 232-8000.

In the meantime, here's what to do until you get to our office:

BROKEN FILLINGS: Save the filling if possible so we can have a look at it. Rinse your mouth gently with lukewarm water to remove debris – warm salt-water rinses or dissolved baking soda can be soothing. If the tooth is sensitive, protect it with dental wax or, in a pinch, sugarless gum.

LOST CROWN: Displaced crowns can sometimes be reused; hang onto it. Try to reattach the crown with denture adhesive or, if it won't stick, use dental wax to keep the tooth away from air.

KNOCKED-OUT TOOTH: Don't panic. If we can treat you within about an hour, chances are we can reseat the tooth for good. Don't touch the tooth root - this could damage delicate nerves. Gently replace the tooth where it belongs if you can, or keep it moist in milk.

DAMAGED BRIDGES, DENTURES, and PARTIALS: Do not risk home repairs. Glue can destroy composition materials and cause tissue erosion. Keep all the pieces, even the smallest, and call us to schedule an appointment. We can usually return an emergency repair to you within 24 hours.

TOOTHACHE: Toothaches are common and unpleasant. They tell you something is wrong that needs attention. Rinse your mouth with warm water and try to floss away any food particles. Don't lodge aspirin near the tooth – it will irritate, even ulcerate, gum tissue. Ice packs or a numbing agent may make you more comfortable while you're scheduling an appointment. Toothaches may go away, but the source of the pain won't.

LACERATIONS OR JAW DAMAGE: Lacerations or jaw damage require immediate treatment at a hospital facility or an oral surgeons office. Take such injuries seriously. Delay may result in further damage.