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Soft Tissue Grafting

How much does Gum Graft Cost Canada?

gum tissue grafting ottawa dentist

The gum tissue surrounds and protects the delicate roots of your teeth. On account of the Periodontal Disease, there are gingival recession ultimately leading to exposed tooth roots. There are other common causes, including overly aggressive brushing and trauma. Exposed tooth roots are prone to tooth decay, root canals, discoloration, and actual jawbone loss. In the advanced stages, this can lead to tooth loss. In order to replace the missing gum tissue and thus safeguard your teeth, Functional Soft Tissue Grafting is put into effect for this reason, soft tissue grafting may be recommended even for back teeth. So, if you feel that you need to for this treatment, contact us!

Cosmetic Soft Tissue Grafting

Anterior teeth with receding gums can look unsightly. Longer-looking teeth and exposed tooth roots give an "old" appearance to your smile. This is the primary reason why some people cover their mouths while smiling. You can appreciate the new youthful appearance to your smile with the Cosmetic Soft Tissue Grafting.

What Happens During a Soft Tissue Graft?

Generally, soft tissue grafts are available in three types, namely:

  • Connective tissue grafts
  • Free gingival grafts
  • Pedicle grafts

Among these three grafts, the most common method for treating exposure to the roots is connective tissue grafts. During the process, a flap of skin is taken out from the roof of the mouth, and tissue is taken out from the skin flap. This tissue is then stitched to the gum tissue surrounding the exposed root. After the graft has been removed, the flap is stitched back down.

Why have a Gum Graft?

Besides keeping your mouth healthy, you can maintain your natural teeth once you undergo a gum graft. If detected at early stages, the gum graft may only be needed for a small section or just one tooth and thus you can save your tooth and stay healthy.

Gum Graft Cost Canada:

Although the cost greatly varies on the size or the number of teeth in which gum grafts are required, but we offer grafting at pocket friendly rates. Although, it would definitely cost more with contouring, but you can rest assured as it will still be manageable within your budget.

So, if you want to protect your teeth from the damaging effects of gum recession, you can go through soft tissue graft treatment. Also, if you want to have a detailed review of the gum graft cost Canada, call us! We will promise to offer the service at the most reasonable cost possible in Canada.