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Laser Gum Contouring Ottawa

laser gum contouring ottawa dental office

Gum contouring is a cosmetic dental surgery that changes the shape of your gums either by removing the excess gum tissues or restoring receded gums. Very often it is noticed that people have an unpleasant smile due to the gums resting too high or low on the teeth. This uneven gum line can be fixed by opting for gum contouring Ottawa.

Reasons for Uneven Gums

There are a variety of reasons why one might experience uneven gums. Many people have a gummy smile that involves a large part of the gums covering the teeth’ surface making the teeth look smaller and weird. This can be due to genetics, certain health conditions, intake of prescription drugs, etc. Other common condition includes receded gums where the gum tissue has pulled back exposing the tooth’s root that can lead to severe dental issues such as tooth decay, loss, etc.

Gum Contouring: The process

Gum contouring is performed using specialized tools and lasers to perform the ablation, removing, and fixing of the gum line. With the advancement in the field of science and technology, laser gum contouring Ottawa has emerged as an effective way to give a more precise shape to the gum line thereby reducing bleeding.

When you visit our clinic in Ottawa, the dentist is likely to assess your present teeth condition and suggest the ideal gum contouring technique. He/She will brief you on the entire surgery process and the gum contouring before and after changes you can expect. We use specialized laser tools for contouring surgery that restricts the gum bleeding and makes the reshaping more prominent.

Gum Contouring: What can you expect?

Apart from reshaping the gum line, gum contouring Ottawa can help in treating the following dental issues:

  • An unpleasant smile
  • Excess tooth wear
  • Gum redness and puffiness
  • Pain due to excess rubbed gum tissue
  • Early aging
  • Poor dental hygiene

Gum contouring is a quick and effective cosmetic dental procedure that has a relatively short recovery period as compared to other cosmetic dental surgeries. It offers a permanent solution and you can see significant gum contouring before and after changes. We use advanced laser gum contouring Ottawa that is safe and ensures precise results. Using laser treatment reduces the chances of infection and allows for a quick and smooth recovery.

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