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Invisalign Dentist Ottawa

invisable braces ottawa

Invisalign is a modern approach of treatment for straightening teeth with the help of a series of custom made aligners designed specifically as per the structure of your teeth. For minor treatment purposes, our dentist of Invisalign are just a boon.

Working Mechanism of Invisalign:-

First, our Invisalign Dentist in Ottawa take a mold of your teeth. Then, specifically for your unique fit, they manufacture custom made aligner trays which works to gradually straighten the misaligned teeth. Thus, there is no involvement of any traditional braces which makes use of braces and wires to straighten your teeth. The aligner trays are basically made up of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic that can easily slip on over your teeth. As per the plan laid down by the Orthodontist, who decides on the exact required movements, our Invisalign Dentist in Ottawa gradually shift your teeth into proper position. As your teeth straighten out, you can upgrade to a new set of aligners every two weeks.

The Plus Points of the treatment of Acceledent Alternative when clubbed with Invisalign:-

People nowadays have a huge craving for looking good and being healthy. A beautiful smile is big part of that lifestyle. A beautiful smile does not require any particular age. Patients from 8 to 80 have enjoyed better health and self-confidence from our Acceledent Alternative treatment.

The need for esthetics during Orthodontic Treatment has been addressed by our treatment of Invisalign Ottawa. But, clubbing together Acceledent Alternative with clear aligners offers several benefits to the patients:-

  • Instead of changing your aligners every 14 days, you can change them every 7 days, thus reducing a 50% reduction in the length of the treatment.
  • If you are one of those who have a very specific time goals, be it wedding, relocation, or graduations, you have an increased probability of reaching those goals.
  • Acceledent Alternative significantly improves the patient’s experience by reducing discomfort thus increasing their dedication to their aligners.
  • Just wear this aligners for 20 minutes a day and ensure a higher return with little time investment.
  • Also, Acceledent Alternative enhances the fit of each set of aligners, thus, there is no need for any refinements.

To sum up, if you are looking for great results, and that too sooner rather than later, and also with the least amount of disruption on your daily life or your feelings, the Acceledent Alternative delivers on all counts. Our Invisalign Dentist in Ottawa assure greater comfort and faster treatment completion leaving you simply thrilled.