Can Your Dental Health Affect Your Height? | Ottawa Dentist

When we become parents, we want what’s best for our children – namely, that they have healthy, happy lives. So, we do whatever we need to ensure that happens. However, dental health seems to miss most parent’s minds. After all, baby teeth fall out, right? Why do we need to worry about dental health until they have their permanent teeth? Believe it our not, but dental health needs to begin from day one because studies have shown that tooth decay can affect a child’s growth development. The study appeared in the online version of Pediatrics journal and was conducted at University College London and King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital in Saudi Arabia. They graded the tooth status on the DMFT scale, which determines the seriousness of any decayed, missing or filled teeth. When analyzed, the children with severe tooth decay would tend to be shorter and weigh less than those who didn’t, but there are lots of reasons this happens: Oral hygiene. Practicing good oral hygiene is important, because if neglected, it can lead to serious dental issues. Ask your dental professional about how to care for your child’s dental health. Poor diet. Those that don’t keep a healthy diet tend to lack important vitamins and nutrients in order to grow strong and tall. And many times, a child may not let you know they’re teeth are hurting, and it may affect their appetite. As parents, it is important to tech our children about dental health early on. Not only will this help perpetuate a good relationship with their dental health but can give you signs of other health issues that may develop because of poor dental health. If you would like more information about dental health, call Dr. Katia Doumit in Ottawa, Ontario at 613-232-8000 or visit Dr. Doumit proudly serves Ottawa and all surrounding areas.

Oral Cancer: Signs and Symptoms | Ottawa Dentist

When we hear the “C-word”, we are always sent into a state of shock. Because there are so many factors that can contribute to developing oral cancer, so knowing some of the signs and symptoms you should keep an eye out for can help to diagnose the problem quickly and find some type of treatment. If you find that you have any of these symptoms, make an appointment with your dental professional to get a proper examination.

Lumps and lesions. If you notice red or white sores on or inside your mouth, it’s important to see a dentist as they will have difficulty healing, making it a perfect bed for bacteria, etc. Finding lumps or swollen areas in your throat or cheeks can cause painful issues closing your mouth.

Dysphagia. Dysphagia, or problems swallowing, will not only cause problems breathing but can also cause you to contract infection. If you feel a lump in your throat, or you find you are losing weight because of issues swallowing, make an appointment.

Numbness. Any numbness in the mouth or chin is cause for concern, so if you find this is a new constant, it’s time for an examination.

Tooth loss. If you find that you have loose teeth for no apparent reason, you may be developing early signs of oral cancer. Tooth decay and gum disease are signs you may be subject to oral cancer in the future, so see a dentist asap.

Bad breath. There are many reasons you have bad breath. If you find that it is a chronic problem, seek advice from your dental professional.

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